Upcoming Shows

Trails End Bar and Grill
Join us live from 7-11 PM
Anchor Bay
4-8 PM
Stevens Point Country Club
Stevens Point
Private Event
Anchor Bay Bar and Grill
Biron, WI
6-10 PM
Trails End Bar and Grill
Rome, WI
7-11 PM

Wisconsin Rapids
Private Wedding
Downtown Waupaca
Playing After The Justmann Band
Waupaca, WI
Waupaca Rotary Okotberfest 8 PM- 11 PM Tickets $10 in advance, $12.50 at the door. Contact us to purchase your ticket!

Viroqua, WI
Private Wedding
Whiskey Rapids Saloon
Wisconsin Rapids
8PM-Midnight Black Friday BONANZA! Shop \'till you drop, then come out to hear us where you can drink \'till you drop!

None of you have asked how the band The Kommissioners came to be. Well, now that you have "accidently" arrived at this page, I'm sorry to inform you there is no backing out. So, without further adieu, sit back, relax and...oh come on! I'm not even done with the introduction and you're already snoring?! Enough of this tomfoolery, this is the story of The Kommissioners.

Marley was Fred to begin with. Sorry, wrong story.

Kyle, Shawn, Brian and Ben were friends to begin with. They attended high school together and they even attended the normal school together where they graduated with BAs in BS. After graduation, they said their goodbyes and walked into a world full of confusion.

Shawn took the bull by the horns and joined the highest of ranks. He, along with Sgt. Johnsonville, Colonel Meyer and Lieutenant Wenzel fought the deadliest of battles in Portage County. You may be familiar with the Town of Custer's Last Hot Dog Stand?

Kyle took a few improv classes during his college career. Spending many a waking hour watching YouTube (when he should have been studying...), he learned and mastered the art of puppeteering. Like Gepetto before him, Kyle built himself a friend, a puppet named Owen. To earn a little money, the Owen and Kyle comedy duo hit the road and won the hearts of central Wisconsin. However, the jokes got old and money didn't buy them happiness. Plus, Owen's hand was getting tired.

Ben did a whole lot of nothing after graduation. He was (and still is) a very shy soul, though I must admit, he was (and still is) quite the ladies man. He enjoyed the company of older women, and every night at 10 he would sneak into the dark bedroom with his four favorite ladies: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. Unfortunately, his golden girls died but that didn't stop him from occasional sneaking a peek at his folks AARP magazines.

Brian, well, Brian's life changed when he walked into a bar for the first time. He's okay now, nothing a few stitches won't fix. Sometimes he doesn't even recognize us, but we love him just the same.

A half a week had passed and the boys were back together at last, searching for a hobby to keep themselves occupied. One night at Shawn's estate, the boys indulged in a few adult beverages and thought it would be a terrific idea to start a band. Luckily, there were a few instruments lying about the room. Each one picked up an instrument, and not long after, they put them down. A few more drinks down the hatch and they were ready to start again. This time, MAGIC! Ben on guitar, Kyle on bass, Brian on drums and Shawn on piano. The music spoke such volumes, such emotions, such power. Learning from their musical heroes, they would adapt their own style of music and learning from one another, their creativity was un-stoppable. Playing many a gig since their first jam, The Kommissioners are now a well known band around the ward.

The Kommissioners: they sing about beauty and they sing about truth, at $10 a show.

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